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What is Integrative Psychotherapy

by Svetlana Belykh

Svetlana BelykhWhat is Integrative Psychotherapy:

Sometimes life circumstances overwhelm us to such extent that our usual and reliable ways of coping just do not seem to work anymore. We double our efforts but things do not get better. We are left feeling “stuck” and without hope. If you feel overwhelmed, anxious, depressed, stressed or out of control, if you lost interest in the aspects of life that used to be important, or stuck in unhealthy relationships or patterns of behavior you might need some help. If you live in emotional turmoil, despair, distress, or fear you might want to find balance and harmony in your life, live in peace with self and your own life.

During difficult times we do not have to be alone! We need support and additional skills to get back on track. Oak Leaf Counseling is the place of help, hope, and healing where you will find professional care and support you need to live happier and more productive life.
Never give up, so much is possible!

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