Our Philosophy

Dr.Alexander Feldman

Dr. Alexander Feldman

In 26 years of practicing medicine, I have always believed that the most important result is for my patients to leave my office feeling better than when they first started seeing me.

Frequently, this result can be achieved by what I would call “the old school or traditional medical approach” which involves attentive history gathering, physical examination and conservative treatment.

However, over the years I have learned that many patients have not benefited from text book medical management and are not seeking for another “pill”, but are in fact looking for a more open minded doctor, that is also willing to combine non traditional therapeutic methods with traditional methods. I graduated UCLA acupuncture courses, and have started utilizing prolotherapy in my practice many years ago. Additionally, I started prescribing multiple herbal and vitamins supplements in order to optimize treatment for my patients.

Currently, I have also added to my practice a psychotherapist, a neuropsychologist, a speech and cognitive therapist, and a vision therapist to accompany medication oriented therapies. Thus far this kind of approach has given my patients the best clinical results.
Although, I am open minded to non-traditional medical treatments, I believe they only work when combined with modern medical treatments. Therefore, patients visiting our office will be able to receive almost all neurological testing without lengthy referral to the different institutions including the following:

EMG (Electromyography)
EEG and Ambulatory EEG (Electroencephalography)
Neuropsychological Testing
VNG (Vydeonystagmogram)
Ultrasonography of the Cerebral Arteries
EMG Guided Botox injections
Autonomic Disorders Testing

Alexander Feldman, MD, founder of the clinic, since 1997.