Advanced Neurological Evaluation & Treatment Center

Torsten C. Jess

A Master’s of Science Degree graduate in Speech-Language Pathology since 1997, Torsten (Taustin) has worked in a variety of venues ranging from the hospital setting for the acute patient to group homes for the developmentally disabled. Torsten has been the director of speech therapy services in the past in various rehabilitation settings before starting his own practice named Brain Function Optimization, LLC and before signing on with Dr. Alexander Feldman at Advanced Neurological Evaluation and Treatment Center which is an honor.

Torsten focuses primarily on the evaluation and treatment of individuals who have memory, problem solving, attention and speed of processing deficits.  The usage of standardized tests is essential and is relied upon to determine a person’s current status and progress made over the course of therapy. Evidence-based treatment approaches as well as numerous trade secrets are implemented to optimize cognition and even speech/language performance. Torsten specializes in implementing a multisensory approach to increase his client’s cognition and takes into account each individual’s background and personality when developing programs.

In addition, he continues to devote much of his extra time in furthering his education on the latest findings and treatments. Torsten also enjoys writing a monthly column for 50 Plus Marketplace in which he talks about issues pertaining to brain/cognitive matters as well as to giving lectures throughout the community.

Alexander Feldman

In 26 years of practicing medicine, I have always believed that the most important result is for my patients to leave my office feeling better than when they first started seeing me.