Advanced Neurological Evaluation & Treatment Center

Svetlana Belykh

Svetlana is a Licensed Professional Counselor, National Certified Counselor, and Psychotherapist. Svetlana holds two masters degrees: a Master of Arts in Counseling (Diploma with Honors) from Regis University, Denver, Co and a Master of science in Applied Math and Computer Science ( Diploma with Honors) from National University of Radio Electronics, Kharkov, Ukraine.

Mrs. Belykh joined the Uptown Brain Injury Evaluation Clinic six years ago. She is part of the multi-modality approach to the patient’s treatment with traumatic brain injury, especially complicated with post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and depression. Her treatment arsenal includes several integrative therapy strategies such as: Individual-Behavioral therapy, Humanistic/Existential and Cognitive Behavioral treatment sessions, Cognitive Restructuring, Solution-Focused, Narrative, Psycho-educational modalities and approaches, Desensitization, Breathing and Progressive Relaxation Techniques, and Guided Imageries. These techniques are very powerful and effective tools for obtaining balance and harmony, getting a deep insight, understanding, and self-awareness. Psychotherapy is very effective for many patients which is supported by numerous medical studies that claim that it is as effective as pharmaceutical treatment.

In her free time Svetlana enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, skiing , hiking, and traveling the world.

Alexander Feldman

In 26 years of practicing medicine, I have always believed that the most important result is for my patients to leave my office feeling better than when they first started seeing me.